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Fun Raiser
27th February 2017

A Chara


At the last South Antrim meeting and at the annual convention in November I raised the matter of running a much needed fund raiser for South Antrim


I am proposing that subject to sufficient support from ALL Clubs we will organise a Night at the Races at Drumbo in late summer 2017.


In order to make it viable I would need every club to commit to selling 10 tickets which are priced at £40 each.


South Antrim Executive would commit to selling sponsorship for the 12 races as well selling race tickets for the night as well.


What I need to know from each club is a straight YES or NO as to whether you would be prepared to commit to selling 10 tickets?


Once I receive replies from all clubs I will let you know whether we proceed with this.

Can you please reply by 5th March 2017?


If you have questions then please contact me


Is mise




Billy McLarnon

Cisteoir / Treasurer

CLG Contae Aontroma Theas / South Antrim GAA

(M) +447834 208975




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